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Myth: I do not think my case is worth it and I cannot afford a lawyer.


Before making a decision about your case, you should seek legal advice to find out what your rights are. People may access benefits in most car-related accidents, including single-vehicle accidents and falls while exiting a vehicle. In addition, some accident related symptoms deteriorate over time, and failure take action hinder your case.

Myth: I can handle my insurance claim on my own.


If your injuries are minor and your recovery is expected to be straightforward, this may be true. However, if you suffered serious injuries you should have legal assistance. The Accident Benefits claims process is adversarial; you want to obtain all the treatment, assistance and income support you need; your insurer wants to pay as little possible. It is also not a level playing field: you are not likely familiar with the complex Accident Benefits system, while insurance adjusters receive extensive training on the law and how to handle claims.

Often insurance companies deny claims in accident victims without real justification – there have been many cases of “special awards” and punitive damages imposed against insurers that acted callously or unreasonably withheld benefits. A lawyer can help protect you from such behaviour. In addition, if you wish to pursue a lawsuit against the person who caused the accident for additional compensation, you will need a lawyer to navigate the process.

Myth: My insurance premiums will go up if I make a claim.


Your premiums do not go up because you make an Accident Benefits claim. Your premiums may go up if you were at fault for the accident, and this can happen whether or not you make a benefits claim. Often, injured passengers will not make claims against their own insurer for fear of premium increases, but passengers are seldom responsible for causing an accident. If you ended up in the hospital, the accident was likely serious and you will likely need the help provided by the benefits you have paid for with your premiums.

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81% of injuries caused by collisions took place in clear weather.

Source: Toronto Traffic Safety Unit (2011)

Clear Weather

Car Accident Timelines

You have 10 business days to provide the insurance company information after it requests, or it can suspend or deny your benefits.

  • 7


    You must inform the Accident Benefits insurance company of the accident and that you were hurt. MORE

  • 30


    You must complete and send the Accident Benefits application within 30 days of it being provided to you by the insurance company. MORE

  • 120


    You need to give written notice of your intention to sue the at-fault parties. MORE

  • 2


    To commence a lawsuit against an at-fault driver or your own insurance company if your benefits are denied. MORE


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